And Winter Is Here

Due to an unfortunate tilt of the Earth’s axis, it started snowing here, yesterday. Nothing much, just a very thin layer that lingered long enough that someone with a little forethought could have taken a picture or two. (sorry.)

It’s not all that cold here. Not frozen. Not Siberian Gulag temperature. Just a little colder than sweater weather, and fairly still.

The neighbor has taken down the Halloween display–goodbye, corpses dangling from windows–and put up something more festive. I think the theme is: Santa’s workshop exploded on me. He works at a local carnival, and they let him bring home the surplus(cheaper than storage, I guess) so he goes all out. (Every Holiday except the patriotic ones. We have a different neighbor for that.)

His air-compressors are off, right now, so the ten-foot snowman is a little deflated, or I’d take pictures of that for you.

Personally, I’m decorating to the theme of: Holiday? What holiday?

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