And Yet Another Bag…

Sometimes, it seems like all I do is buy bags. Or at least… that I’m above my fair share for the last year or so. I have my revision bag… And I have purses. Well, we’re not talking designer bags. More… I think I can fit a notebook in here, and if I spill ink on it, the stain won’t show too much… ya know… working bags. They’ve gotta earn their keep. (And I’m still hoping that if I just find the right bag, I’ll wind up magically well-organized and productive.)

The new one is a pack for day hiking. It’s a little on the large side for what I usually do, but I’m hoping there’s enough extra space for my mother’s things. (Apparently, the pandemic makes her want to go see waterfalls. In person.) She commandeered my trekking poles, and she does not like suspension bridges, but I’m pretty sure she’s enthusiastic enough to keep going.

And that makes me the village pack animal.

We’ll call this foresight and planning ahead, not Wooohooo, I get a new pack.

And into the woods we go.

Maybe I can lose some of those pandemic pounds.


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    Has she given any reason for her sudden interest in waterfalls?

    Good luck with the pack and packing! May the extra burden be light on your shoulders.

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      I think it’s just something to do that keeps social distancing, and gets her out of the house. I said I was going to a waterfall, and she said “me, too.” That kind of thing.

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