April Statistics

I wrote 37,322 words in April.  That’s an improvement of more than 5,000 over March. I cut down on the inconsistency, with only three days where I wrote less than a thousand words.  With the new and “improved” work schedule, I’m writing from a place where this is the only time I’m going to get.

And I told a whole real-life human being about this blog.  Nothing.  Not a peep.  That was rather anticlimactic.


  1. Eva


    This is a lot! Also, they were GOOD words. 😉

    About the real human being: yeah. I get this. You feel totally nervous, sweaty, breathless, as you admit that you are… (no, not that you are a writer, because who dares to say that? That you…) …. that you… write. You’re, well, EXPOSING a part of yourself. A terribly important and vulnerable part too!

    And then,.. yeah. People are generally able to bear this revelation with equanimity. And you feel stupid for having worried, and at the same time slightly crushed.

    It’s a good exercise in coming to terms to actually letting people see your writing, though. 😉

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