At Any Rate…

For some reason–I am still trying to figure out exactly what reason– I decided a long walk would not be completely insane today. Long? It was only about three miles (which brings my total to around 9, so far.), but I’m fairly sure I get bonus points, due to the fact that it was 94 degrees today.

I made it home without collapsing.

Tony Cachere’s counts as an electrolyte… right?

I made it through the day, despite the fact that a friend just announced that he’s looking for wife number three, and would I please hurry up and introduce him. No. He doesn’t have anyone in particular in mind. Apparently I know all the women. Therefore, I know Wife #3, and they’re going to be very happy together. As soon as I introduce them.

As you might have guessed, my mind is completely blank.

It’s time to sit down and read a book for a while.

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