At Least the AI Loves Me

I’ve started getting Jetpack’s e-mails on the subject of why I should not give up blogging, why this is better than Facebook or Instagram, and why the key to more viewers is more blog posts. I believe the email mentioned SEO, which is a nice way of saying I should cram more keywords into my blog posts, and use headlines to say things like

Science Fiction Novel


I Am Going to the Market and Buy Some COTTAGE CHEESE.

(Well, okay. Maybe I need a little more research into what makes a good keyword.)

It’s probably a sign that I’m on my worst streak since the very beginning of this blog, and that even the algorithms have noticed. (Following some pruning, I also got a message from Google, complaining about not-found errors.)

I admit I have not been blogging regularly.

I’m not sure why. There’s definitely a part of me that wants to go out and do things expressly so that I can blog about them.

I’m working on a project, and it’s still early enough that I’m afraid it will fall over, if it hears me talking about it. I have, however, been keeping a fairly regular writing schedule, in hopes of getting to the… uhm… you know… that could work phase.

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