Attempted Revision

I am impatient to finish my revision. I feel like it should go faster than it is, and I just can’t kick it any harder.

Sometimes, I think I might be making more progress than I think I am. I have a tendency to work in spurts, and divide my attention between multiple scenes, so nothing gets crossed off the list, but work is still being done.

Today, I decided to sit down and work on just one scene. I want to finish something, damn it. I want to know that I am making progress… or at least be able to fill in a bullet in my brand new shiny bullet journal.

So, I am making progress. That’s one or two bullets that I could fill in…

But they just don’t feel finished.

There’s a lot to be said for the way a scene feels at the end. There are some that feel unfinished, and some that just feel uhm… not mine.

I also have a brief list of marriage-therapy type topics for them to discuss, once they’re alone together. They’ll start with that time she tried to kill him, and work their way up to the time she drugged him and put him in a box.

I’m no expert, but keeping attempted homicide bottled up just doesn’t sound healthy to me.


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