A Short Loop on the Platte River

I finally have some (moderately) outdoorsy pictures for you. I got outside, got my annual park permit… and got in a few miles. Ordinarily, I might hop over the border to go to parks in the neighboring states (beautiful, wooded, hilly states), but… Pandemic. So, I got an annual park permit for my home state.

IWSG: Risktaking in Writing

Am I a risk taker? I’m never sure what the answer to that question is in real life or in writing. The short version? I’m not a stupid risk taker. In real life, that means I like safety equipment. A lot. Something’s gotta catch me if I fall, right? My usual risk taking process is

Back in the Kitchen

The project for today is muffin tin frittatas. It’s a level or so above the frozen breakfast sandwiches I’ve been eating, and they don’t take much time. I do a week or so at a time, and there’s breakfast. In other words, I’m capable of beating eggs. Cheese, vegetables, crumbly stuff. The grocery store provides

Software Death Match: yWriter Takes a Hit

It’s been a while since I talked about novel writing software. I’m back on the topic, now, because my computer shut down “for updates” last night (We could discuss that, Bill Gates.) and I wound up losing some of the short story I’d been working on in Y-Writer. (Y-writer 7, to be precise.) I stopped

52 Week Writing Challenge… an Update From the Queue

As a part of the 52 Week Writing Challenge, I am submitting short stories to actual magazines. The focus on short stories is something new. I don’t usually write stories, and when I do, I don’t usually think about sending them out anywhere other than this blog. So, you send the short story out–usually via

Submission Planner

I put together a form, today. It’s not much of a form, and this is not much of a blog post, but you can have them both. It is **trumpet fanfare** a submission planner for short stories. It’s not to track submissions. (I’m using a combination of Sonar and Submission Grinder for that.) It’s to

Pen Names for Diplomacy

I’m thinking about pen names (again.) It’s the kind of thing that comes up every so often. Right now, I’m squinting at a short story, and realizing that not only it not in my wheelhouse… I know just whose wheelhouse it should be in. And… I’m fairly sure their idea of a good time does

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