Day Planners for Odd Hours

I’m busy re-organizing my day. After a brief stint browsing through daily planners–the kind with an hourly schedule to fill in–I’m back to doodling my own in the bullet journal. For me, the problem with the pre-printed ones is that my day doesn’t start at the usual hour, and it ends… uhm… early. I have

Weather Highs and Lows

The temperature reached about a hundred, today, and I… well… I went on my standard three mile hike after work. For those of you who are new to my blog, yes… I was fairly well prepared, and didn’t take any major risks. Lots of fluids. Lots of electrolytes. And I kept track of my heart

Rain Storms and Revisions

The storm last night woke me up by throwing ping-pong ball sized hail at the window above my head. This morning, when I looked for damage, I didn’t really find any. Leaves. Lots and lots of leaves on the ground. But besides that? I was lucky. I’m still working on catching up from the sleep

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