About That Article on Medium

After the last blog hop, I posted my story to Medium. And the response was less than spectacular.  I got about five hits–all of them off of Holly Lisle’s forum, where I had talked about Medium and asked for opinions from other writers. Then, several days ago, I posted another article on Medium. This one

My Not-Writing Project

So, I got sucked into helping family fix up a house for sale…. And I spent most of eternity **ahem** yesterday removing this old underlay from around where the fireplace used to be. Before   Why, yes.  That is brand-new carpet I’m working under. Make a note: The Karen character should have been introduced to this

The Family Book

I ran away from home, the summer I turned ten. And I packed for never coming back. If there was a reason, I don’t remember. With three older brothers, there was enough reason. Too young, too short, too girl. Whatever the reason was, it carried me out of our apartment, through the endless steel corridors,

Writing Research

I can’t tell you how much I love the internet.  It makes it easier to find people with the same obscure, time consuming, and skill-based hobbies.  It brings me new foreign films.  It puts the answers to all those random, and blush-worthy novel-writing questions in my living room.  Here is a video that I ran

Query Letter Fun Time

I  just started working on a new query letter.  This one’s a little different. You see, I’ve only written about three thousand words of the manuscript.  About fifteen pages. Write the letter before the novel is a piece of advice I’ve heard over and over (yes, on the internet.) and now, I have an idea that’s

Well, blog-hoppity…

Some of the writers on the How To Think Sideways forum are putting together a fiction blog hop, and I’m going to participate.  The rules are fairly straightforward.  Short story, August 26th, and link to the other people on the list. Short story….  I haven’t done that in a while.  Short stories have a tendency

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