Baby-Step Progress

The rain is finally hitting, and… uhm… watch? Hello…. watch?  I don’t think I’ve gotten a single storm warning today. I got so many in the past week that I adjusted my settings again, and now… nothing. So, here is the rain. I’m fairly sure that the storm alert function might work better, if I were someplace more coastal, with a nice, predictable leaward wind.

I’m slightly disappointed, although the watch does fairly reliably manage everything else it promised.

I made Daily planner sheets on my computer. I’m not sure whether they’re something that will work for me, so I didn’t want to rush right out and spend ten bucks to get them, but I can print them out a lot cheaper, and if they don’t work out? Well, I’m only out a nickle or so. I also… **hooray** left off the time slots on the daily scheduling, so that my inhuman hours don’t have me crossing out numbers all day long.

I left out anything I knew I wouldn’t use, and expanded the things I wanted. We’ll see how it goes.

And then, I worked on the robot story a little bit more.

It may not entirely help that I looked at a few Nebula-winning short stories in the meantime.

Or that I dug through some drafts, and realized that I am, in fact, working on something more like a medley of robot stories. It, uh… might be a set of three or four. And they’re all there. I just need to revise them, and possibly figure out whether they’re connected-connected or just loosely connected.


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    A thunderstorm snuck up on me last week that my phone neglected to warn me about. Even as it was happening, my phone still told me the sky was supposed to be clear. I guess these things still aren’t perfect.

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