Back in the Kitchen

The project for today is muffin tin frittatas. It’s a level or so above the frozen breakfast sandwiches I’ve been eating, and they don’t take much time. I do a week or so at a time, and there’s breakfast.

In other words, I’m capable of beating eggs.

Cheese, vegetables, crumbly stuff. The grocery store provides most of the slicing and dicing. Mix and match. You can make a lot of different flavors in a pretty short time. And it’s cheaper than buying pre-packaged.

The plan-ahead fairy has visited me.

Someday, I might get over the shock.

Suzy Homemaker I ain’t. But this is worth the effort. The pandemic has resulted in far too many mornings where I eat ice cream or pie. Throw a few frittatas in the freezer, and I’m good to go. Much better.

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