Because I Have Standards

A while back, I happened to pick up a package of Paqui Chili-Limon chips. And they were pretty good, so today, I decided to take the plunge and try their Haunted Ghost Pepper version.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a little heat with my food. I just don’t usually go for the THIS IS SOOOOO FREAKIN’ HOT!!! sales pitch. I’m not a drunken frat boy, after all. I’d like some kind of description of the flavor. And no… hot is not a flavor. Not one for grownups, anyway. Think of it like this: No one would sell a product as “Sweet. Really, really, really, sweet.” “Or Salty. Soooo SALTY!” But heat is an exception. Probably because of those aforementioned frat boys. (They are so proud of themselves, aren’t they?)

So, my general rule is that there must be at least one flavor mentioned, or I won’t waste my money.

And if there’s some kind of “Finish your plate and WIN!!” challenge going on, you definitely know the product is going to suck. (Yes, Paqui is the same company behind the one-chip challenge, which will also turn your tongue blue. No, I am not paying that much for one chip.)

So, you know the Chili-Lime chips scored high, if I decided to bother with the Haunted Ghost Pepper version. (No, Ghost Peppers are not a flavor. Taste one. You’ll see.)

It tasted like… uhm… tortilla chips? Yup. Tortilla chips. Nice ones… but still.

I would have liked a **little** more complexity.

Where exactly are the Thai-curry that’s so damn good you don’t even care that you look like you’ve been ugly crying for a week, and snot is running down your face in front of your judge-y mother-in-law chips? That’s what I really want.

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