Behind-er and Behind-er

It’s been a while since I scheduled a post. And that shows. I’ve been coming home from work and writing them, maybe getting them spell-checked and on the internet by seven-thirty or eight. I have a tendency to get a little ahead, and then float.

And then, get behind. Or behind-er, as the case may be.

Then again, I’m only just getting around to realizing the reason I haven’t been feeling “rested” lately is that the cat has been harassing me in my sleep. Couldn’t miss it, today. Woke up to the animal licking my sorta-damp hair.

And here, I was thinking Magnesium Deficiency. (No particular reason.)

Honestly, the past few months, I’m pretty sure every headache was a major stroke, and that I’m this close to dying of schistosomiasis. Also, I hope everybody’s lobbying for more research dollars for idiopathic thrombocytopoenia because I’m probably coming down with that, next.

Anyway, we’ll push “get ahead on blog” forward onto the October list of goals.

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