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Today was the Storytime Blog Hop for October, so I’m a little late in posting. If you haven’t already, go ahead and check out the stories. They’re short and they’re free, so pretty much the most fun you can have with no money and no alcohol.

I did pretty well with this edition of the hop. A scary story, this time, and easily more traffic than I’m used to.

I still have to get to some (most) of the other participants blogs. I want to be able to leave a proper comment for everybody, so I don’t want to read anything while I’m on empty.

So, the story I wrote this time is a little outside my usual. Pretty much a horror story, or at least, as horrifying as you can be in a thousand words or less.

I liked writing it, and I think people enjoyed reading it, but… it’s outside my usual for a reason. I don’t want to spend my whole, entire life thinking up horrible things that lurk in the dark. That’s a hobby, not a calling.

There’s a lesson for you, and one that it took me a good long time to learn. Write what makes you happy. There’s no point in turning writing into a chore.

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