No, You Cannot Have My Friend’s Phone Number.

My mother, who recently turned 39 again, is gearing up for the high school reunion which got put on hold for the duration of the pandemic. As a part of that, the reunion chair has been sending out mass mailings begging people to turn in the classmates that the “committee” hasn’t heard from, yet. It’s

Pet Ownership in the Time of Coronavirus

I’ve decided I’m not really the post-apocalyptic wasteland kind of girl. I do okay with the solitude and the book-reading, and I’m mostly okay with the zombies and the roving bands of cannibals…. But this stock up and plan in advance thing? That’s not really working out. I ordered a 40 pound bag of cat

Bullet Journal Beginnings

I got the notebook I’ll be using for my 2021 bullet journal yesterday. It’s another Leuchtturm 1917, and this time around, I went for the color “berry.” The first bullet journal I had was an impulse. In fact, I actually bought a “traditional” planner to go with it, just in case. The second time around

Events and Happenings

One of my stories was accepted for the Halloween episode of the Alone in a Room With Invisible People podcast… And AIRWIP is ending. Don’t hyperventilate. My story will still be presented, but there won’t be any more podcast episodes after Halloween. I think it had a good run, as two-person podcasts go. And… Now

Short Stories, Podcasts, and Nano.

I got my short story in for Alone In a Room With Invisible People’s Halloween Podcast today. I’m ahead of schedule, so I’m feeling particularly pleased with myself. They have some amazing voice talent that really makes the stories come alive. I spend a lot of time looking forward to the podcast, and maybe, this

The Little Things That Paint the Clearest Picture

I saw a humming bird, the other day. It was early in the morning, and I’d just gotten done putting my hammock up. I heard him fly a little too close, and looked around for a bug. It had to be a bug…. right? No. It was not. Here’s this bird–little silver fellow–hovering right about

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