A Short Loop on the Platte River

I finally have some (moderately) outdoorsy pictures for you. I got outside, got my annual park permit… and got in a few miles. Ordinarily, I might hop over the border to go to parks in the neighboring states (beautiful, wooded, hilly states), but… Pandemic. So, I got an annual park permit for my home state.

IWSG: Risktaking in Writing

Am I a risk taker? I’m never sure what the answer to that question is in real life or in writing. The short version? I’m not a stupid risk taker. In real life, that means I like safety equipment. A lot. Something’s gotta catch me if I fall, right? My usual risk taking process is

Back in the Kitchen

The project for today is muffin tin frittatas. It’s a level or so above the frozen breakfast sandwiches I’ve been eating, and they don’t take much time. I do a week or so at a time, and there’s breakfast. In other words, I’m capable of beating eggs. Cheese, vegetables, crumbly stuff. The grocery store provides

Software Death Match: yWriter Takes a Hit

It’s been a while since I talked about novel writing software. I’m back on the topic, now, because my computer shut down “for updates” last night (We could discuss that, Bill Gates.) and I wound up losing some of the short story I’d been working on in Y-Writer. (Y-writer 7, to be precise.) I stopped

52 Week Writing Challenge… an Update From the Queue

As a part of the 52 Week Writing Challenge, I am submitting short stories to actual magazines. The focus on short stories is something new. I don’t usually write stories, and when I do, I don’t usually think about sending them out anywhere other than this blog. So, you send the short story out–usually via

Submission Planner

I put together a form, today. It’s not much of a form, and this is not much of a blog post, but you can have them both. It is **trumpet fanfare** a submission planner for short stories. It’s not to track submissions. (I’m using a combination of Sonar and Submission Grinder for that.) It’s to

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