Comparing Yourself To Others

The neighbors’ Halloween display went up a couple of weeks ago. Why not? It’s the beginning of September. To be clear, this particular set of neighbors goes all out on holiday decorations. It just wouldn’t be Halloween, if he didn’t drag something larger than his house home to decorate with. We have Patriotic Guy–who has

Through The Looking Glass

Yesterday, I went to Kansas again. Medical appointment, not a recreational trip. And Kansas really isn’t that far away. How far? Well, some of the nearby farms straddle the border. (I know! And yes, I’m judging. Just a little.) It’s gorgeous country down there, and I’m only allergic to it three seasons out of the

Recipe Boxes

Something came up today that made me think about recipe boxes. You know those heirloom collections of handwritten recipes on index cards? I didn’t inherit my grandmother’s cooking skills, but I did wind up with her recipe boxes. And I’m fairly sure that at least a few of the recipes go back to my great

The Twenty-Four Hour Rule to the Rescue

It’s been one of those days. What kind of day, you ask? Uhm… the kind of day where I broke my shed. Yeah. Apparently, you can do that. I’m accident prone, and I know it… but not so accident prone that anybody’s ever said Look at the shed, but don’t touch. Admittedly, it’s a very

Getting Out (At last!)

I haven’t had the chance to get outdoors much this summer. A little backyard camping, and some lounging around in my hammock. I could do more. But to be honest, I’m pretty drained by the time I get off work. There are neighbors. And my schedule… Well, I’m ready to crawl into my tent just

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