An Update before I sleep…

I’m genuinely exhausted, but I’m stretching the day just a little further to get a blog post out. Isn’t that responsible of me? Someday, I’m going to do an hour-by-hour comparison of what my current schedule looks like next to a normal, 9-5 schedule, and realize that I’m staying up til my midnight every day.

Unproposing Marriage, and other Emily Post Moments

I was thinking about an old friend, today. No reason. Except… uhm… maybe the latest blockbuster murder brought it up. Specifically, the question was… how long would it take my grade school era best friend to kill me, if we had gotten married? Okay. So, he’d probably (almost certainly) pick a healthier alternative to murder.

The Casual Awkwardness of Season Tickets

It’s the end of summer, so I’m knee deep in Husker Football season right about now. I’m not an expert on the subject. I can tell you the basics. How many points for a touchdown, what color shirt to wear on game day, and a few fun historical facts about Bugeaters and Soap Games. Anything

Organizational Skills: A Brief History

I was browsing bargain books, today. I know. Not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. Dread Nation is on sale for $1.99, and I didn’t find an audiobook replacement for the book I really ought to push my way through. (Pretty sure I was promised vampires. Where are the vampires? Are they… behind Woodrow Wilson?) I bumped

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