Rethinking the Bullet Journal

I’ve been thinking about getting a traveler’s notebook for my next bullet journal. Now, to be fair… Every drop of organizational skill I’ve got, I either bought or stole from someone else. And… well, it wouldn’t be grand larceny, either. Right now, what I have is a couple of Leuctturm1917 notebooks. One of them has

Things I Didn’t Want to Hear

I don’t know how it came up, but somehow, I was talking about the short story challenge with a bookish friend of mine, and I wound up mentioning a rejection had come in. I’m tallying up a fine collection of the things. (I’m getting really close to that next Writer-Scout badge.) Getting a rejection isn’t

Kicking Fitbit to the Curb

I’m working my way up the rather steep learning curve that goes with my new watch. (The one to replace the old watch, which I knocked a button off of. It was a very important button.) I’ve learned how to tell the time. That’s not much of an exaggeration. I’ve been holding off wearing it

Summer of Fiction Writing 2021: Week One

I should be knee-deep in the Summer of Fiction Writing, but I’m off to a slow start. Family things, starting up again after the pandemic. Family problems. Family stress. I’ve been smiling at people, and thinking… You’re going to be a very small footnote in my biography, someday. I suppose the most diplomatic way of

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