Blogging and Bubblewrap

Today, one of my coworkers asked me if my website was age censored… adult censored. Something like that. Anyway, what she meant was “Do you have one of those nifty screens that pops up and asks the user’s age before they get on your site and see… ya know.. stuff?” There is no “stuff” on

Community Building for Writers

Hey, look at me! I’m stealing a real topic for this post. Community building is something we’ve been talking about over on the forums at Holly’s Writing Classes. If you’re not a member already, the basic forum membership is free, and Holly’s offering a free flash-fiction course. Both worth checking out. But anyhooo— In real life, community

Death and Pizza Parties

I’m supposed to be going to a birthday party tonight. Pizza and balloons. Probably hats. The whole works. Yes, I can be wholesome. More or less. The birthday boy is in his forties. Friend of mine. He’s this really outgoing, like-able, funny guy. He has a social intelligence that amazes me, sometimes. His mother helped

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