Blogging Friends and Strangers

Unexpected milestones.

Gotta love ’em.

You’re doing something you’ve never done, before, and suddenly, you realize… Hey, that was new.

The moment your blog readers start talking to each other in the comments. The moment someone contacts you to ask if they can use one of your stories or posts or photos…

The moment you realize that you have a public-facing website, and you’re not going to agree with everything people say… And that some of what they say will be dangerous.

Maybe a different blog would have gotten that kind of comment before. I don’t post a lot of political content. I’m not a science blog, a medical blog, or do-it-yourself parkour blog. I don’t post helpful tips on how to dress a grizzly bear for a tea party.

I do, however, talk about what’s going on with the pandemic.


As I’m writing this post, the covid ward of the local hospital is full, and I know five people who have died. I’d tell you how many people I know who have been hospitalized, or gotten sick, but to be honest, I just don’t have enough fingers and toes to count them all.

And there’s a lot of “misinformation” out there. In some cases, it’s sincere misunderstandings, and in others, it’s frank bullshit.

Now and then, some of that wanders into this blog in the form of reader comments.

To be fair, you will never see that kind of comment, unless it’s from someone who has had a previous comment approved. If you’re seeing it, it’s from someone I’ve never had a problem with in the past.

And I haven’t had a lot of problems. I honestly haven’t.

What do you do, when someone you know and like says something that isn’t just wrong… it’s dangerous?

No, I’m not going to give you examples.

I’m not going to try to correct them, either. At this point, the principles of epidemiology are not up for debate. They’re not opinion; they’re fact. If I think that following the advice in a comment will kill you, I will delete the comment.


We can debate whether to get sausage or pepperoni on that pizza. We cannot debate whether you’ll fall, if you walk off the edge of that cliff.


  1. Mary Aalgaard


    Is this your IWSG post? It addresses some important points. It’s hard not to correct comments that are wrong, and I would delete the ones that are dangerous, or spread misinformation. This pandemic has brought out some unpleasant behaviors and comments.
    Mary at Play off the Page

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