Books on Tape

I’m in the process of listening to The Yiddish Policemen’s Union on tape, and about half-way through the book, it suddenly hit me where I’m having problems with it. I may not be a book-on-tape person. It’s very possible that there are parts of the book where I am listening to the narrator’s voice rather than to the story, itself.

He has a really nice voice.

Actually, that’s why I got this book on tape rather than the other one I was looking at. The narrator’s actual, speaking voice.

I’m just slipping into the sounds of his voice.

That’s not usually the case for me. I’m… fairly good at paying attention. But in this case…

I may not be a book on tape person.

But I’m still hoping that I can plug a book in and listen to it when I go for a walk, and actually feel like I’ve heard a story.

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