Bullet Journal Beginnings

I got the notebook I’ll be using for my 2021 bullet journal yesterday. It’s another Leuchtturm 1917, and this time around, I went for the color “berry.”

The first bullet journal I had was an impulse. In fact, I actually bought a “traditional” planner to go with it, just in case. The second time around was still a matter of trial and error. And this time? I’m finally planning ahead, and getting started in October. October, people.

And it’s going to be a really bullet journal-y bullet journal this time around.

I’d already gone through what worked for me last year (check boxes? really?) And what didn’t. (**cough** reading tracker. **cough**) And I have some goals which are neatly, mathematically broken down from yearly goals all the way down to daily goals. So I got started almost as soon as my notebook was unwrapped.

I drew a calendar for my future log… and I drew a million billion little check boxes. (Did I mention that check boxes seem to work for me?) So, now I have check boxes. I have check boxes for new writing. And for revision. And for queries.

Ever wonder what a quarter of a million words worth of check boxes looks like?

No, I don’t know why it works for me. Maybe it’s just a grown-up version of a gold star. Maybe it’s the motivation to fight for ONE more check box. Anyway… I’m working my way toward the perfect system.

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