Bullet Journal Beginnings

Between continental breakfast and travel soda-pop, there is a massive amount of sugar in my body right now. Probably more than I’ve had in the last month. And that does remind me of all the reasons why I shouldn’t be slurping down the sugar. I’m not diabetic, but it does knock me out of the even-tempered, steadily energetic race.


I’m in the process of migrating old goals into the new bullet journal, and the current scenes-to-revise count is ten. Wait a minute… yeah. Ten. There is one scene left that is probably more than one scene, but at least it’s in the right place. And there is one scene that may not belong in this book, at all.

I’m making progress.

I’ve decided I need a layout for the stories I put up on Reprobate Typewriter, and a second layout for the stories I intend to submit to outside publications. (And I do. Honest. And this year… well, why not just refer back to last year for the resolutions?)

I’m also putting in a layout for my ongoing quest to read all the Hugo and Nebula winners (just the ones I’m still working on, at this point) and a layout for reading in general.

If I can stick with it, I think it will work for me. I always wind up walking away from a bullet-journal style to-do list with a much clearer idea of what I have to do to meet my goals. The problem is that I don’t do it often enough, and I don’t always have a clear sense of when I’ve moved from clarity to drifting.

I do far too much drifting.

And maybe weekly or daily layouts will help with that. We’ll see.

I’m also going to work on recording time spent revising and the number of new words I come up with in a day.

Anybody have any suggestions before I get too entrenched in my ways? What works for you?

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