Bullet Journal In Review: What Didn’t Work

It is July, and I’m getting a head start on my bullet customizable, made-for-me journal for 2020.

I’m not one of those hyper-organized, crafty whirlwinds you see on Youtube. In fact, most of my life, my planner planning has been limited to “Oh, shit! New Year’s is tomorrow?” and rushing out to get whatever calendar is left.

That’s how well the made-for-me journal is working.

I know full well I’m not going to magically sit down some time in December and set the thing up all at once, so I’m working on it little by little waaaaay in advance.

My current bullet journal was the first time I tried something like that. It was not well-thought through, and it shows. I started somewhere in the middle of 2018. I didn’t know what all I wanted–or needed–in it. Because I didn’t know how much space I was going to need, I have little chunks spread all over the thing.

The First Bullet Journal: What Didn’t Work

1.) The year-long “Future Log”

I made one. I even filled in a few recurring events. I didn’t keep up with it, and in a lot of ways, I found it to be… well, a little depressing. Maybe the idea of a huge spread of nothingness. There just weren’t enough events on it to make it worth doing. At this stage, it’s a little like eloping with one of those huge, three-ring bridal planners: Drive to Vegas. Park Car. Uhm… get married?

2.) My FIRST blogging calendar.

This was one of those barely-a-calendar things with the tiny squares that you color in, each day you do the THING. This is probably a better format for something you want to make a daily habit (Take vitamin pills) than something you want to do a couple times a week, and hopefully schedule in advance.

3.) Scene Lists for Current projects.

No, I don’t know what I was thinking, either. I always think I can do something like that, and I always wind up being wrong. This one belongs on index cards. (And I’m looking for index-card baskets for the wall grid.)

4.) Follower Count Tracker

Supposed to keep my social media/blog followers moving in the correct direction. (Up, with plenty of engagement, please!) Aside from the fact I lost interest fast, I’m also fairly convinced that this is not a goal that I have a lot of control over. It made me slightly neurotic, and honestly… between friends? I get stage fright, when I think about numbers.

5.) Movies Watched, Books Read Lists

This may be a lost interest, didn’t keep up issue, or it may be that I’m simply not reading anywhere near as much as I’d like to think. Maybe it’s a matter of keeping up appearances. (Do I have to mention everything I read/watched?) Anyway, a simple list-list doesn’t seem to be my thing.

6.) Drafting Time

Yes, I tried to keep track of the time I spend writing. And no, it didn’t work. This one is definitely me. I just fail to remember to punch that time clock. I think it lasted… checking… oh. mumble, mumble… uhm… three days? (Since I also tracked revision time, I can say that I strongly recommend tracking time somewhere to get a grasp on just how much time you’re actually putting in.  It makes it feel more like a job, and a sixty-hour work week definitely earns you some guilt-free down time.)

I’ll keep sharing, as I fill in the spreads for the next year. Shout if there’s anything you want to know, or if you have suggestions.


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