If I can just pull it together…

I’m to the point that I’m writing this blog a day in advance. Six days a week, and no Sundays, unless for some reason I have something to say, or if I was weighing pros and cons on a particular piece a little too long. If I can just pull it together and keep writing regularly a little longer–maybe a few things for Sundays, or a couple of posts when I’ve done something short, I could be a week or so ahead.

I was looking at the next chapter in my Lepterian thing, trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with it–and there was something wrong with it. I finally sat down to think and take notes and doodle, and I found what I’d been looking for in about half an hour. It’s like thinking out loud, but with a paper trail. The problem was that I put the crucial character on the wrong side of the conflict, and that reduced the whole thing to a big game of hide and seek with no real consequences.

If my protagonist finds the character he’s looking for on the other side… Well, there are complications.

I’m supposed to be revising my serial killer thriller, too.

No. Actually, I’m supposed to be finished revising it.

I’m not sure where my attention wandered to. I was about halfway done, and then… poof.


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    I love those ah-ha! moments. One of my biggest was when a character I’d never really been able to understand was suddenly female.

    Suddenly as in, she always had been, but in four years of having her in the back of my mind I hadn’t figured that out. In that moment, she just made /sense/, and years’ worth of character development came slamming into my head in the space of ten minutes, like a flash-flood of understanding.

    Now she’s the main character of my novella, and a central part in bringing together a greater plot–all because one little puzzle piece got turned the right way.

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      Wow, that’s a big change! I can’t even imagine the amount of work that had to take. Well, I can… but I don’t want to.

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