Cat-Proofing the World

I found some cat-proof usb cables on the internet, and I’m having a 3 pack delivered. I’m hoping the animal won’t go through them as fast as he does the usual ones, and that I can replace some of the ones he already has bitten through and maybe charge two things at the same time. I also have little plastic tubes that go around all the real cords.

I had to switch to a wireless computer mouse almost instantly. He especially likes the wires on headphones (going wireless there, too, I’m sure.) And he will attack my shoelaces, starting as soon as I take my shoes off.

Well, I’m still getting used to having a cat.

He belonged to my sister, and he was supposed to go back. And now, I own a cat.

The animal pretty much knows the exact moment that I have to wake up… and pounces right about twenty minutes before that.


So, that’s me, right now. Hot, sweaty, and recently mauled by a semi-domesticated cat. One USB cable hanging on by a thread.

I might give the cat a bath, later on, if I still have the energy after work. He needs it.

Really, I’m not turning into one of those animal lovers who has nothing better to do than write about the cat. I’m having trouble even saying “my cat”.


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      My sister called him Diamond. I call him Depravi-cat for short. I think he has some getting used to me to do, too.

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        Cute. My cat of 18 years I name Kit Kat but she thought her name was Quit Cat, lol. I loved that cat. I wrote a poem about her, In Quit Cat’s Opinion. at\in-quit-cats-opinion/

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      I don’t know how much of this is talking, and how much is a desperate cry for help. I’m very not good at cats, and I’ll take any tips you have for me.

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    Yay! You have a cat. I wholeheartedly approve.

    Can I suggest some cat toys? Maybe the cat is playing with your stuff because it’s bored. Do you have a scratching post?

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      My cat loved sacks, boxes, scratching post and high places. Also, like those birds on a string and me to play with her. She also liked it when I made her a special bed to sleep on or place. I bought a 6-foot cat tree and she loved that too. She seemed to know I did it just for her and she liked that.
      She was known to catch a mouse but not kill it and put it in her medium size cardboard box and play ping pong with it. She never ate them but she did catch and kill them if I had any.

      My cat did not like the water spray bottle. I could squirt her and after a few times, she stopped. It did take several times of doing the same wrong but eventual when I picked the bottle up she knew to stop whatever it was she was doing or she would get squirted.

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