Catching Up With Technology

I finally broke down and bought a new computer, and this is me, marveling at the idea that the keys actually, reliably, type the letters and numbers they’re supposed to type. I didn’t actually notice how bad the last computer had gotten until I started revising all the missing d’s, m’s, and sometimes spaces back into the manuscript. Well, it was either a new computer, or start dating Annie Wilkes. (Although, there’s probably a limit to the number of letters even she is willing and able to write in.)

I wound up getting an HP Envy x360. It’s a convertible that has hinges that basically open 360 degrees. It also has a battery life of… uhm… hours. Is that right?

Sometimes, you don’t realize how badly you need a new computer until you actually buy one.

I’m still setting up the basics, but I’m on my way.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over there. Cuddling the new computer.


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