Doctor Who and Consent

I finally got the latest episode of Doctor Who. Thanks to Google Play, I’ve been dodging spoilers–in the internet age–on forums entirely full of science fiction fans–for four days. And I survived. But barely. You may have noticed I don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about pop culture around here. I’m not one

How to Survive, Break Out of Jail, and Join the Revolution

Today, my novel’s primary antagonist is breaking out of jail. She’s moving from being one of the many people who work for her particular government–very high up, actually–to being disillusioned by her recent experiences, and generally willing to fight for what she believes in. Yep. I said “antagonist.” She’s done fairly well for herself, considering

Science Fiction Politics

I’d love to be able to ignore politics entirely. In the perfect world, I’d be in the doomsday bunker with all the other intellectuals and artists, reading a book, and checking the periscope to see if it’s time to come out and repopulate, yet. In the real world, stuff happens, and you realize… The whole

A lake, Which has nothing to do with Unilateral Marriage

Unilateral Marriage Problems

I’m working on one of those unintended consequences that come up with fiction. I invented unilateral marriage, and then unilateral marriage invented a dozen other things that are obvious, once you start thinking about it. I’m not good at the whole true love thing. I either fall in love far too often, or not nearly

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