The Fifty-Two Week Challenge Continued.

Today, I printed out all of the short stories that I haven’t been reviewing, editing, and submitting over the past year. All in all, that’s about two hundred pages of pure genius, just waiting for me to remember how to spell, how to format, and how to uhm… well, write. I was vaguely shocked that

The Planning Continues

I actually put together an hour-by hour planner for Nano, this year. It was about the most control-freak thing I could think of.  One line for sixteen hours per day. I can add my own times to it. later. I have problems finding pre-made planners that fit my odd-ball schedule. (or fitness waterbottles or… well,

Revision Breakthrough for the Win!

So, apparently, the secret to a phenomenal revision breakthrough is bacon jalapeno cheese. I’m pretty sure it’s not too good for me, but my revision? Never better. I found the thing I need to build on to, and it’s pretty solid, actually. It fits with the rest of the revision. And more than that… I

A Late Start to Preptober

Yesterday, it finally hit me how close Nanowrimo is getting, and how little I have prepared for it. I’m knee deep in a revision, and I just hadn’t thought about it. So, I settled down and made myself some bullet journal spreads. I actually started a new bullet journal insert for the project. (I’ll be

Today, I have established that cats do not like coffee. That’s the scientific result of a brief survey of cats–uhm, cat–specifically, my cat… Well a quasi-psuedoscientific study, anyway. There’s not a lot of difference between the sound of a packet of instant coffee being opened, and the sound of a packet of cat treats being

An Update before I sleep…

I’m genuinely exhausted, but I’m stretching the day just a little further to get a blog post out. Isn’t that responsible of me? Someday, I’m going to do an hour-by-hour comparison of what my current schedule looks like next to a normal, 9-5 schedule, and realize that I’m staying up til my midnight every day.

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