Off to the Arts and Crafts Station

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the generic, non-trade name word for this style of notebook is. Insert notebooks? Composite notebooks? It turns out that Traveler’s Notebook and Midori are both trade names, and faux-dori? Well, I put way too much work into this for the result to be a faux anything. So,

IWSG: When the Writing Ends

  The awesome co-hosts for the July 7 posting of the IWSG are Pat Garcia, Victoria Marie Lees, and Louise – Fundy Blue! If you would like to join us, sign up here. July 7 question – What would make you quit writing? Wow. The last year or so has been pretty lean for me.

Where I was Last Year…

Confession: I use the program that came with my phone to deal with photographs. The program likes to remind me of what I was doing a year ago, and suggest that I buy picture books to commemorate the occasion. (whatever that happened to be.) I’ve never gotten around to turning notifications off–I don’t take enough

Rethinking the Bullet Journal

I’ve been thinking about getting a traveler’s notebook for my next bullet journal. Now, to be fair… Every drop of organizational skill I’ve got, I either bought or stole from someone else. And… well, it wouldn’t be grand larceny, either. Right now, what I have is a couple of Leuctturm1917 notebooks. One of them has

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