The Word is “Analog”

I’m happy to report that my friends were remarkably well behaved today. April Fool’s Day doesn’t normally go this smoothly, but… this year… it wasn’t too bad.   My endless parade of promotional e-mails, though? Well, they’re not quite as well-behaved. I think just about every advertisement I got today was some kind of April

Those Were the Days…

I spent most of my day today chasing down an old park in a very small town half way across the state. For some reason, we seem to have been struck with Chautauqua fever, and a very reasonable need to look at every Chautauqua park within driving distance. Obviously, we are insane. The Chautauquas–back in

My Boundaries Are FOR My Goals

I’m doing better this March than I have for a while. More progress toward my goals. More keeping track of that progress when it happens. More… uhm… insisting on boundaries? I think that’s probably a good way to put it. I needed to have my schedule fixed, again. And it took effort to convince my

Making the Right Decision By Accident

I didn’t wind up entering the writing contest for the local-ish convention. And I’m not really sure I can narrow my reasons down to one, solid THIS is why. I mentioned that I was having qualms. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that just by entering/submitting you’re giving away the right to publish the story.

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