Celebrating With Internet Friends

One of the great things about the internet is that you can go out and find people with the same hobbies and the same level of motivation you have.  Anything from hey, look at my doodle to hey, look at my Sistine Chapel. Locally? Well, the last person I told about my novel… And why do I do that, by the way?… told me about the fifty page story he wrote… back in high school.

And when you’re around people who are actually putting the work in, and who you’ve watched working, you feel happy for them when good things happen for them.

Let’s be honest… you start to see their achievements as an indicator not just of their own hard work, but of the entire group moving forward. You start out with other people who are actually writing a novel. And you write with them, and then, eventually… good stuff starts happening.

Can your own good stuff be far behind?

One of my internet buddies just announced that she got an agent. (I’ll put up a link later. As of right now, she hasn’t posted it on her own blog.)

This is motivation. Keep going. It can happen for somebody like me.

Keep going. Keep working.

I appreciate the feeling of things happening. This is not something I’ve generally gotten in real life. Now and then, people ask me about my book, or they tell me about their own projects (which may or may not ever exist), or whatever variation of non-progress it is that goes on in the local world.

I don’t know if I would keep going, if it weren’t for the internet. Maybe I’d be selling whole life insurance or used cars by now. Maybe it would be the go-nowhere hobby I keep a secret in the back of my closet.

The internet brings me proof that what I want is possible.

You bring me proof that it’s possible.

Thanks, everybody.


  1. Loni Townsend



    Another great thing about the Internet is being able to find those people locally so that you can hook up. If it wasn’t for NaNoWriMo, their forums, and facebook, I never would’ve connected with my current writing group.

    • Reply

      My problem is at least partially my own weird hours, and partially that I’m in a fairly small town, right now. Most of the real-life groups wind up meeting a little past my bedtime, and in the next town over, to boot.
      That dang morning shift is going to kill me.

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