Changing of the Seasons

My new winter coat arrived today. It’s amazing how goofy-happy that fact makes me. There are a few years on the last one, and it has definitely hit its limits. So, I took advantage of a good sale, and bought something that’s supposed to keep me toasty warm all the way down to 30 below.

Exactly how much bouncing around the house did I do?

Well, my Fitbit registered about an extra hour of activity.

Yup. I’m ready for some winter hiking and general outdoorsy-ness.

It is currently about 75 degrees and humid as hell here, so it’ll be a while.

I’ll be on the trail tomorrow, anyway.


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    There’s something magical about the change of seasons from winter to spring and summer to fall. I think it’s the end of extremes or maybe the changes in the quality of the light–or both. Summer ended abruptly here, but unfortunately instead of getting our usual lovely fall days, we have a repeat performance of our spring wind. Hello, allergies in September… *sigh*

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