Changing Revisions Mid-Stream

Well, I’m finally taking the jump, and setting my current revision aside in favor of one I feel more drawn to. The new one has a little more weight to it. It’s a little less frivolous. At the moment, it’s also a lot shorter than the other. I suspect that I’ll track things down, once I get going.

I’m still not sure what went wrong.

It really wouldn’t be a bad set up for a series. And there’s nothing really wrong with the characters. It’s just not put together right, and in the end, it timed out. There has to be some unwritten limit to the amount of time you can put into revising a novel. Maybe I’ll feel better about the whole thing after I finish something else.

And maybe it’s not the book. Maybe it’s the series, and the fact that I don’t really see where it ends.

So, I printed out the next manuscript and moved on.

61k. And as I said, there are probably un-typed chunks floating around somewhere. (Which was my excuse for doing the other one first.) (It was a lousy excuse.)

This one feels different. I know what I like about it. I know where it ends. I know I won’t wind up writing it for the next twenty or thirty years. It feels do-able. It feels right.

It’s a good feeling.

So, I have that. And I have the first chapter of a previous novel. I’m revising for uhm… content issues… before I send it back out.

The highlight of the day is the fact that I actually managed to make the (borrowed) template for my revision notes into a snazzy little booklet which works as an insert for that same wonderful Traveler’s Notebook I’ve been working on. It’s much more portable, now. I feel very sneaky.


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