Chickens Rising

My neighbors are planting chickens. They’ve torn up most of their yard for the plants to support these chickens–or at least, for a chicken yard. And they’ve built a coop. It looks like one of those redwood play structures, and is… without a doubt… the most solid chicken coop I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s about ten feet tall, and there was Tyvek involved.

Their yard is not actually big enough for the chickens, the eggs, or anything else they grow to be certified organic (as I understand it) and I’m pretty sure it takes a long time to recoup your money off the chicken coop for the ages, anyway.

I know a different couple who are raising eggs–organic, start to finish, feed, everything–and they’re selling them on the upper end of $5.00 a dozen.

Also, I know someone who gives away unexceptional, non organic pullet eggs for free, and a whole stack of farmers who sell their eggs–if you go to their farms–for in the neighborhood of $2.00 a dozen.

I’m not sure they’ll last long.

There are places in this world where you can raise chickens in town, and you wind up being called a hippie.

This is not one of them. I don’t know how long chickens will last, after Neighbor Wife has gotten an earful of those other words, most of which imply that you also have a still, and probably a rocking chair tied to the top of your pickup.

Anyway, so I’ll get to watch chickens until they go away, and I won’t have any actual chicken work to do.

Neighbor Husband is probably behind this. He’s easily the more interesting of the two, and he has projects, some of which are large enough to be seen from space. Neighbor Wife… well, she’s pretty tolerant, although he has driven her to chain smoking. We’ll see how his chickens and her German Shephard mix.

I like these neighbors–chickens and all–a whole lot better than the last ones. The last ones had a lawn mower the size of a Sherman tank, and consistently crushed the life out of my underground sprinklers. Chickens don’t involve me digging up sprinklers, and anyway, I’m up early enough that the noise won’t bother me, so Yay, chickens!


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    I love chickens. They have adorable personalities, and there’s something almost meditative about watching them fossick around for food. Long may you enjoy chicken-watching.

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      And best all? They belong to the neighbors, so I don’t have to do the work! I’ll be able to watch from my porch, I think.

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    Friend of mine has chickens. They are really cuddly, which surprised me because cuddly is not a word I’d usually associate with chickens!

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