Clothes and Conferences

There’s nothing like the thought of actually going somewhere to remind you that you have absolutely nothing to wear. I went to the website. I looked at the pictures. And no. Apparently, I do have to wear clothes, and apparently, the preferred look is not “crawled out of the barn this morning.”

Actually, the preferred look seems to be somewhere in the sweater-set to pants suit range.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

My usual habit is to shop for specific events. Something new for this party or that concert. And new heels any time I want to be tall. With the right boots, I can get to five-three… five-four easy.

But clothes, themselves have never been the goal. It’s always shopping for a piece of a memory.

I’m down a few outfits.

I’ll go back to glaring at the pictures for a while, and then inventory what I actually do have. (Nothing.) Then, I might actually buy something and go out.

I might even go somewhere people can see me.


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      The internet is a many splendored thing. It was pictures of past conferences, not a dress code, but that’s what they were wearing.

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    I’ve been to many conferences. Just dress nice. No stains or sweatshirts with cartoons on them. A lot of attendees use this as an excuse to dumb down. Jeans are okay. It’s not necessary to wear heels and pearls.
    Clean, presentable, especially if you have an editor or agent assignment.
    Mix, mingle, have fun!

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