Comparing Yourself To Others

The neighbors’ Halloween display went up a couple of weeks ago. Why not? It’s the beginning of September. To be clear, this particular set of neighbors goes all out on holiday decorations. It just wouldn’t be Halloween, if he didn’t drag something larger than his house home to decorate with. We have Patriotic Guy–who has roughly a dozen full-sized American flags out for roughly a dozen Patriotic American Holidays–and Christmas chick, whose husband had to install their own nuclear power plant to fuel the twinkle lights… but Zombie couple is easily my favorite.

Movie-grade props all around.

Right now, they have an assortment of grave stones, a rickety fence, and uhm… a cadaver or two. (Fringe benefit at his job. Medical, dental, and all the corpses you can handle.) They also have a werewolf, and a zombie, and whatever else isn’t going to be in this year’s corn maze.

The zombie is on a walker and rollers. They move it at random intervals, and as a result, every time it’s in a new place you see it just out of the corner of your eye, there’s a fraction of a second before you realize… oh, yes. That.

It makes you feel so ordinary.

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