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There’s something weirdly satisfying about working on the website. I don’t know whether it’s the idea of a project that can be completed in a couple of days, or just that I like it so much better this way. It is better this way, isn’t it? Yes, I know there are a few links that still go to empty pages. And I still have to figure out some of the art work to go into the various blank spots, but… this is better.

I also managed to get my “featured area” rectangles to be the same size, which took more effort than it should have. Wildly frustrating, annoying, beautiful little rectangles.

I think it looks reasonably professional, now. Plus or minus a few photographs. Honestly, I have no idea what those photographs should be, and part of that is that the writing that goes over the top of them right now just doesn’t pop. Like, in the sense that it’s not even noticeable, much less legible.

What do I actually want to do with this thing? I don’t know. Have something that’s just a little bit unique, maybe something that’s more professional than the average blogger, or at least, more professional than what I started out with. Something that could… potentially… draw people in a little more.

I think I’m hitting the mark with a lot of this stuff. I can’t decide if I’m being a little too flippant in the descriptions. I will have to work on the pages the featured sections link to more.

As always, give me your thoughts and opinions. Let me know what you think.


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    Are you selling something? I had created a website before the blog thinking I might sell my books, maybe my honey products, but it was fungible like WordPress and I found it difficult to manage so I shut it down. I guess the purpose drives the need. What’s your purpose?

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      I’m about to start querying literary agents with my novel, so I wanted to clean up, and look a little less like a hobbyist. If they ever get as far as my website, I’d like it to look good.

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    I enjoy working on my website too. Getting it to rank in the SEO is in the Headers and subheaders of post. Google starts to recognize you by what you post most which makes headers and subheaders important for pulling traffic. People like pictures too so I try to include one on every post that fits the post. Eventually I will have my books on front page but for now I focus on the fact I am a speculative fiction author and short stories and author spotlights until I have something solid. I intend to create a press kit at some point and make that available. Anyway just keep at it and with time you have built something that is how mine started I have knocked myself out or anything just built with time. I know when I switched themes that was a little work though mainly because I had content to transfer.

    Looking good. Let me know if I can help with anything or if you think I might know something that could help. Have fun.

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