Convenient Inconveniences

I would like to point out for the record that it is cold. It’s hovering right around freezing, and here is my little creek to prove the point.

It’s warmer than it has been, and I made it outside for a little sunlight and exercise. The Fitbit informs me that my cardio-health has gone up a whole point, which places me squarely in the middle of average.

Courtesy of managerial incompetence at the day job, I’m getting an extra day off…. uhm… every week. For… HR informs me it shouldn’t be all that long, and please, please, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t quit. Well, you know how it goes. Someone higher up spends money he doesn’t have, and then the company has to make that up somehow.

And I get extra editing and revision time.

We are not going to discuss this with coworkers, of course, because a lot of them are struggling to… feed kids and hobbies like that. They’re even less amused than I am. Right now just happens to be good timing for me.

(I also have a lot more paid personal hours than a lot of people.)

Right this second? My thought is to use the time to finish revising the novel, maybe put together the podcast I’ve been muttering about. Thin out the blog, and maybe re-do my biography. Fiddle around with some short stories.

Sell some short stories.

And maybe I’ll get an exercise bike. Might be interesting to be a little above average.

Did I mention I’m thinking of quitting?

Well, after I soak up the unexpected free time.


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    It’s cold here too! Day job drama is no fun but the extra revision time is good! Good luck as you continue to soldier on! You got this!

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      I sure hope so! I’m feeling better now that I know the reason for the cutbacks. Thanks for the encouragement.

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