Cooking Real Food

The pandemic has been going on for nearly a year, and I finally managed to get some real cooking done. Chicken and broccoli with red coconut curry. (The curry is red, the coconut is not.) It turned out very, very mild. I could stand to use a little more curry paste, next time. (And that’s the consensus, even among the flavor-hating elements.)

I have… kind of a lot of chicken. I’m bragging, here… but ten pounds for a little over three dollars. And now, there are ready-to-go meals hanging out in my freezer.

I’m marking that one down as a win.

A little more meal-planning could go a long way. (**digs through cupboards**) Yup. Need storage containers for the food, if I’m going to do that.

Oh, yes. that whole cook-in-bulk thing. I’m usually doing a one-day at a time arrangement… as in… what should I make for dinner tonight?

I’ll have to work on that a little more. (This was still better than a tv dinner.)

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