Critiques and Consultations and Queries, oh, my.

It’s been a long year, and I’m trying to find just the right kick in the butt to get myself going again. I think I’m back on track with the revision. I’m still looking for that moment with the rough draft I’m working on. I like the premise, but I still haven’t found the right angle. I keep reminding myself that it does take a while for the “aha” to set in, and that I need to keep going to get there.  (There are waaaay too many children. What the hell am I going to do with all these children? And don’t tell me that two isn’t a lot. It’s massive.) (I’m not even sure there are two whole children in my children’s books.) Maybe what I mean to say is… there aren’t enough adults. Don’t anybody give me any sympathy.

I’ve never done the pandemic thing before, and I’ve never tried getting my shit together after a pandemic thing before.

So, I ditched one revision to work on the other one. (Hooray! This is going very well.)

I’ve been focused on short stories for most of the year. (Also going well.)

And I am… well… thinking about what to do about the novel I was querying. I’m thinking of getting a consultation with a professional. Anybody have a membership at Manuscript Academy they’d like to spill the gory details about? Done one of those critiques-for-charity auctions? Some other route that I’m not thinking of?

How would you do it? Would you? Why or why not?

Ordinarily, it would be a little bit of a splurge. Right now? Well, let’s call it my taco and bowling shoe money for the last year and a half.


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    I feel you! I have a manuscript that I *just now* realized needs to be a picture book bio. I know what it needs, but trying to get it to work. It’s giving me a doozy headache.

    Have you tried SCBWI? I found my middle grade critique group because of them. But maybe you already have a critique group and want more professional eyes? I’d still recommend SCBWI. I know there’s some rocks and nuts in the water, but most of the PAL authors I’ve connected with through the organization are amazing, and sometimes there are events where you can get professional critiques.

    I can’t think of anything going on right now, but check out WriteOnCon in February, and Pitch Wars submission window is coming up this month. Good Luck and Happy Writing!

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