Daring to Plan

The pandemic has been going on for a year, now. I was reminded of that when I drove by a theater which–on its marquee–is celebrating the fact that it’s been ‘dark’ for a year. Celebrating? Well, maybe “observing” is a better word. They have a show planned for next week, and if all goes well, it might really happen. I looked at tickets, more out of curiosity than any real intention of going to theater. It’s not at full capacity, and there are sure plenty of available seats left to pick from.

You’ve gotta root for the place. They’ve restored a building that used to be a theater of the blacked-out-windows variety and brought in live acts with national reputations. And, to be fair… I have to admit I like being able to walk on that side of the street. Up-and-coming. Yes, indeed-y.

I wonder if you could do drive-through theater?

Probably not in a vintage, 1930’s building, but maybe a converted beer cave or a hangar at the airport.

Ah. Look at how much has changed.

I’m starting to think about what’s next for me, too. I’m getting restless.

Who am I fooling? I’ve been restless. Now, I’m starting to feel as though I might actually get out.

I can’t decide if I’m ready to start making real plans. I’d hate for the next wave to knock them out of my grasp. Still, it was a while since my last vacation even before the pandemic, and even longer, now. It might be time to throw a dart at a map.

So, what about you? What are you looking forward to on the other side of the tunnel?


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    We’re hoping to have a BBQ on Easter Sunday, with me, my partner and my mum, since lockdown restrictions are easing to allow socially distanced gatherings in our gardens and she had her first vaccine a few weeks ago. In theory all restrictions in the UK should be gone by mid June, but I’m still cautious about making plans because there are no guarantees, and it’ll probably be UK only holidays for a while until other countries catch up with their vaccination programs. I really feel like I need a holiday though, or to do something other than sit at home!

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