Day Planners for Odd Hours

I’m busy re-organizing my day. After a brief stint browsing through daily planners–the kind with an hourly schedule to fill in–I’m back to doodling my own in the bullet journal. For me, the problem with the pre-printed ones is that my day doesn’t start at the usual hour, and it ends… uhm… early. I have the same problem with those hydration bottles that start at one particular time, and to be fair, anything else that has times pre-printed on it. And a nice open schedule? Well, it’s too easy for me–or anyone else–to take advantage of. (Okay. Mostly, me. I know. I know.)

So, I’m doing the old middle-school thing of starting where I actually wake up, and charting each and every hour until I go to bed.

It’s just as clumsy now as it was back then.

And… Do I actually know where I’ll be at three o’clock in the afternoon?

Never mind. The point is to find all those little scraps of time that I could be using and use them. Give my day structure that it doesn’t automatically have.

I’m hoping that the end result will be more direction and productivity than I currently have.

The Summer of Fiction Writing has officially started, now. And I am… utterly exhausted. My Real Life is starting to catch up with me.

If I get up any earlier in the morning, I’ll be getting up the same day I went to bed.

And if I sleep any later, I won’t get anything done before the Day Job wipes me out.

So, it’s time to salvage the spare moments again.


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    It’s so hard to fit it all in! Good luck in carving out those tiny chunks of time. Remember-you can’t do anything well without rest.

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