Detoured Again

img_20190528_145753935304032.jpgThis is getting to be a habit with me. I left town in the rain, and by the time I was headed home, these nice public employees had closed the road. Water over the very same road I’d taken to get out. This time, the detour was a short one. About five miles to a road with better drainage, (and less, if you’re new to the area, and therefore willing to take the one where all those people drowned back in the fifties. I am not.).

One of the guys at work was talking about (life-threatening choice ahead —->) going tubing down a flooded river in his youth. (Don’t do this. It is stupid.) The currents were nasty, and the river took him from one town to the next in record time, but he had to duck for the bridges. (No, you shouldn’t have to duck for bridges.) And… (He’s lucky we didn’t wind up pulling him out of the dam a month later, when the water went down.)

Anyway, there’s a good chance you’d just wind up knocking yourself out, if you tried going under the bridges, now.

Picture of flooding.

This is not a lake.

The picture above is of some unfortunate farmer’s field. The actual body of water that is flooding? Uhm… well, it’s a creek that runs down the center of the treeline in the horizon. Yes, I’m sure it has a name. No, I don’t know what that name is off the top of my head.

In related news…

The State of the Sedges: Semi Aquatic.

Sedges, in puddles of rainwater.

Good thing they have that warranty.


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    Wow, flood waters are not fun and a little scary and dangerous to those who do not take it serious or with caution.

    We lost our home to a flood in 89. We lived in front of a creek. It was a bright sun shiny day. It rained heavy north of us and the flood waters rolled down. I woke to my fan falling on top of me and stood up in knee deep water. I carried one small dog out and larger one and it was above my waist before I exited out the door. Happen really fast. We had experience the back end of the house flooding before but never the whole thing. Not something you forget or the feeling or the shock/awe that it happened. My parents had lived there for over 30 years.

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