Distraction and Discipline

I am screwing up my day-job, mostly by being half asleep while I’m there. And, let’s be honest. Day job isn’t really a personal priority. It’s a financially motivated priority. My heart isn’t in it on the best of days, and today… Well, never mind.

I did manage to get a little bit of real work done over my lunch hour, and that would be a personal coup. I’m creeping closer to having something presentable. The pace is never fast enough.

I always wind up back at a place where I see the problem as a matter of organization in my rough drafts. If I could just do a smoother, cleaner, more linear rough draft, I could edit faster, better, stronger than before…

But I don’t really do linear. It just isn’t a part of the process. My software lets me move stuff around, and that gives me some semblance of chronological… an imitation of organization. And then, eventually, I do fill in the spaces between this thing happening and the next.

Oh, well.


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      Thanks for the reminder. That means a lot. If I can just get through the day without being fired…

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