Do I Want to Remember?

So, the photo app on my phone likes to send out slideshows of days it thinks you’d like to look back on fondly. Most of mine wind up with titles like In The Woods or At The Lake. If you aren’t an AI… You’ll probably notice the locations repeat a lot. (Oh, look there’s the creek I cross every day on my way to work. No, Google, I do not remember that particular day.)

I do remember the day I was sent to remember today, though. Can you guess?

I guess it’s kinda pretty, if you don’t know.

It’s the day I finally got down to the river to look at the flood damage. The AI also kicked up this one:

There’s a concrete boat ramp under there somewhere. Poor, silty little fish.

Maybe if I put it in an expensive frame and call it art?

They finally gave up on repairing yet another section of river road, because of all the flooding. Breaks my heart.

Back when I was a kid, you could bike down by the river, and never really be alone because the old men would be down with their fishing rods all along the river. Now, they aren’t there, because the road isn’t there. Couple miles is a long way for an eighty-something to walk.

And for the record… This is about a mile up from where Corey from school bungee jumped his bicycle off the old railroad bridge. Don’t tell. I’m pretty sure his mom still doesn’t know what happened to that bike.


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