Draining the Garden and Letting the Sunshine In

The rain finally let up, and I actually got some spring planting done. Well, don’t I sound all farmer-y? No, I admit it wasn’t anything as ambitious as feeding the world. I put in six pots of sedges to replace the grass that got drowned out.

Blue Zinger sedges, to be precise. They’re supposed to be drought tolerant, and also not drown easily. (According to the village extension agent.) They also come with a year warranty, just in case they turn out to be more mortal than advertised.


Those three little tufts of slightly blue-er grass? Those are my sedge babies. (As you can see, yes, I have a maple tree. Helicopter seeds everywhere, right now.)

They’re supposed to spread over time. They grow to about two feet, or they can be mowed like any other grass. At the moment, my assumption is that bigger plants probably take more water, and that’s probably a good thing, considering the drainage here. (That mud? That’s where the water is when it rains.)

Oh, look. It’s raining again.


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