Dreams To Confuse and Bewilder

I’ve been the poster child for strange and bizarre dreams, lately. For some reason, and I’m still working out the exact logic behind this, I dreamt that I took not one, but two baths (really deep, use up all the hot water type baths) at my old pre-school teacher’s house. (Not the house she actually lived in. Something out of my imagination with no actual ties to real life.) And then, I found out the toilet wasn’t working. (Just a little too much momentum behind the flushes. Turbo charged toilets. That’s what you get for providing random children with STEM toys, thank you very much.) And I could not fix said toilet.

I was also hopping through a–sorta–cemetery, but a lot of the graves were cracked open. Talking. Mostly to people who were still topside in the dream, but who are dead in real life. I can’t remember the details anymore, but it was fairly peaceful. Probably not a whole lot like my relationship with them was in real life.

None of the concrete worked. It was a little like walking through a scrap yard… But with weeping angels. The kind that just stood there and did nothing. Not the kind that eat you.

I’m not sure if any of it meant anything. Probably not. But then, I don’t usually remember my dreams.

Possibly a bit of vitamin deficiency.


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    I’ve always been amazed at how a dream makes perfect sense when you’re in it, then you wake up and go, “What the heck?”

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    Night before last I dreamed I was petting a cat, and then I realized with a belly-lurch that it had human hands for forepaws. They were full-sized and black-furred, and I was so disturbed that it made the cat sad. Then I backtracked and was all like, no, cat, hands are great, you’ll love ’em, they’re nothing to feel ashamed of–oh God. Because it reached out and gripped my hand for a handshake and /it was velvety and from a cat/.

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      Oooh, Cat Hands! That’s… vaguely disturbing, and awesome, and I hope it’s the start of something? You could go a long way with Cat Hands!

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    One weird thing I’ve noticed in dreams is how little your emotions seem to be correlated with what’s going on in the dream. For example, I’ve dreamed I was standing in an empty street, and it was one of the most terrifying dreams I’ve ever had. Other times I’ve been chased by huge monsters and been pretty blase about it. Minds are peculiar.

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