Electronics for the Fitness Conscious Writer

My fabulous (old model) Fitbit has arrived, and so far, I’ve downloaded some apps, fiddled around with some settings, and lied to it. Lied? Well, maybe not exactly. It asked me what I weighed, and the truth is, I don’t know. Haven’t kept track, since I quit dancing on a regular basis and actually lost weight. Well, whatever it is, I’d like to go down. Or up. I’d like to be more compact, in any event. Since there wasn’t a box for “more compact,” I checked lose weight, and made a guess. I really have no intention of finding out, but I will notice when my bras get looser.

It told me I’m probably going to die.

I also got in about two hours of stomping around the house, running up the pedometer excitement. I’m not sure if this is going to be a new leaf I’m turning over, or just the same ol’ playing with new electronics thing.

So, as of right now…

Writers Maybe Should Have it Because:

It will remind you to get up and move around instead of just sitting there, staring at your computer screen. I haven’t totally decided whether that’s a good thing, or just a Harrison Bergeron moment waiting to happen.

It also pulls the thought of exercising to the forefront, and breaks it into small, achievable goals, instead of hitting you in the face with “I must be eating kale and raw vinegar right now.”

I’d love to find a “Set non-fitness goals” option, and track my daily word count or editing goals that way, but as of right now, I haven’t found it.

The Good:

SURPRISE! The Fitbit App is actually small enough to run on my ancient phone. I didn’t even have to remove anything that was already there.

The thing is generally easy to work with, and pretty intuitive. I’m not looking up how-to’s every other second.

I also think that tracking water intake might have a tendency to make me drink just a little less other stuff which can’t be all bad.

The Bad:

As I said, I’m not really a “weight” person. The tracker is definitely weight conscious, and wouldn’t let me so much as begin without punching in a number. **shudder** It has also tried to sell me a wi-fi connected scale. (I might, actually track weight, if I didn’t have to know, myself… but apparently, not an option.) That said, it is possible to hide the “weight” tile in the dashboard.

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