Epiphanies in Fiction Writing

I took a step back, yesterday. Something somewhere between serenely seeking objectivity about my novel and abject despair.

Today, I have solutions. Or, at least progress.

I figured out who the dead kid in my novel is. I actually didn’t know that question was bothering me, until the answer showed up today. So, that’s one more cornerstone than I had yesterday, and a novel title in the bargain. I like knowing what my book is called.

I also came to the conclusion that my main character’s love interest comes from a family who emigrated much more recently than I had previously thought. That changes more than you’d think, and ties him in with the history behind the novel. Which he wasn’t, before. He was just sorta… floating there.

Well, in my defense, he was floating there being really good looking.

Okay. I admit that’s probably not exactly a story function.

He was a place holder, and now, he’s a real character. With history and a family, and secrets. **Pop** All because I backtracked a little.

Other than that, I am currently observing National Fun With Medical Tech Month. The best way to make a device completely foolproof? Be sure the device automatically scrambles itself, so the fool won’t have anything left to do.

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