Equipment for The Hobby I Don’t Need

I’m at that maybe I will, maybe I won’t phase of new hobby development. Do I need a podcast, or don’t I? It’s a thought that flutters in and out of my head, and sometimes involves Youtube video. Okay… well, I happen to have a nifty idea for a puppet that can be built out of a **ahem** personal massager. It wouldn’t work without pictures. And yes, I’m aware that it’s probably not quite in keeping with my brand.

A couple of my friends are in the same place, (podcast place. It’s amazing how wholesome my friends are.) and I think–in a lot of ways–it’s just a matter of who takes the jump first.

The last time I played with audio equipment, it was a truly antiquated system for academic presentations, and let’s be honest… I learned how to use it, not how to talk about it. So, I want information about the thingy, or the thingy, or the other thingy that plugs into the thingy, I’m pretty much at square one.

Okay, Google: Podcasting for Idiot Children, please.

I’m kinda tech-y, so the immediate response to all things Googled is: I have no idea what that is, but I want one.

There are money issues with that, of course. I won’t be hauling a whole recording studio off a UPS truck, any time soon. My budget would be enough money that I feel like I’ve committed, but not so much money that I have to eat any Ramen.

I’m dividing the wish list up into the must haves and the nice to haves.

USB vs Analog vs both, and the terror of deciding. Which pieces of this thing are the spend money pieces and which are the ones you can get cheap and run? What are the pieces that might survive an upgrade? And… just what is an upgrade, anyway? Naturally, everyone has their own opinion, and their own opinion is the only one that’s worth having. (And they’re probably affiliates, so they have expensive opinions.)

It’s not complicated. I don’t have any doubts that I can run the equipment, when it gets down to it. (Some qualms about  whether anybody wants to hear my voice.)  But making that initial choice…

Anybody else trying to do Podcasting on a Budget? What equipment are you using?


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      I blame Carol for setting me off on this path. But I’m more than willing to corrupt others along the way. Come with us. It’ll be fun.

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