Exactly when was my last vacation?

My new and improved fitness watch keeps eating my deep sleep. I don’t really know where that time goes to. It’s there when I sync the watch first thing in the morning, but some of my sleep vanishes later on. It’s not a lot of deep sleep. Just enough that it’s there… until it’s not. Not that I have the most organized sleep patterns, but it would be nice to get a gold star for effort. Pat on the head, maybe?

No. Even my fitness tracker is mocking me.

Or, then again, it might be right. I don’t feel like I’ve been sleeping all that much.

This week? Well, there was heat. Lots, and lots of heat. Nope. Not even going to pretend that I’m going outside to play in 106 degrees. I did get a little early morning time in the hammock.  **sigh**

Somebody pass me the sunscreen.

Any kind of schedule I ever thought of having is all blasted to hell, right now. It’s far too easy to fall off the early morning bandwagon. Maybe that’s the same as the exercise wagon.

Maybe I’m due a vacation. I wish I could think of something to do.

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