Exercise is Bad For You

I’m trying to get my body to start feeling good after a long walk in the heat. Right around 90 degrees. I think I’m a few electrolytes and about six gallons of water down for the day. I never was good at outdoors and heat, so there you are.

The walk was supposed to dislodge some kind of information about what my villain is doing, right now, but as it turns out, I spent more time noticing flowers than contemplating prostitutes.

Unfortunately, I just finished killing off all the accomplices I knew about, so now, she’s all alone with no one to talk to, and no one to commit violent assassinations with.

I also realized… much to my surprise… that I’m not exactly sure what the role of a prostitute is, in a society where there’s a perfectly good Temple of Erotic Love just down the street. So, I made a list. Which will probably horrify whoever finds it after I fall into my post-exercise coma.

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