Expanding My Stage

I want to expand my blog in 2017. More readers, more posts. More things.

Most of the time, that’s a back-burner thought. Ideas go fluttering in and out of my head, and to be honest… that’s probably a good thing. Some of my best ideas really stink.

The range of ideas is phenomenal. Some of them are incredibly humble. Gee, I bet I could find another hashtag on Twitter. And some of them border on the grandiose. You know what would be cool? StoryTime Youtube videos. And with a little creative computer editing. We could make them look like all the authors are in the same cafe. And uhm… maybe the authors could all be penguins.

Well… I lack the skills to edit people into the same cafe, and I lack the compromising photographs to make them dress up as penguins.

I think Youtube channel.

Doesn’t that involve cameras? And what would I camera at, anyway? Me, sitting in front of a computer, typing things? Me building a computer? Reupholstering that chair I’m in love with?

And then comes the children’s show… but for grownups idea.

And the children’s show for actual children idea. I think I could recognize a child, if someone showed me a picture. Maybe. But I could dress up as a fairy.

I think podcast.

Isn’t that just you talking to yourself for an hour? I could do that.  I could read stories, and tap dance, or something. Somebody would want to listen to that.

What? I wasn’t paying attention.

I really might do more of my art. Painting. Drawing. ATCs (Artist’s Trading Cards, if people still do that) seem like a good mixer. Photography. I could finally build the atl atl of my dreams, and make the whole world watch.

Atl Atl? Oh. It’s a kind of spear-throwing device. Like lacrosse, but with pointier projectiles. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m still batting ideas around. Still looking for the right add-in to give the site flavor and style.


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    Maybe you could do art that ties into your writing? Or your favourite books? Or my books 😉

    Seriously though, good luck figuring it all out! I’ve rethought my blog many, many times and I think it’s come out better for it. Here’s hoping yours will too.

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      My art tends to be pretty abstract these days. I think it would have to be an art on the side deal, but who knows? I might do something concrete for old times sake.

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        Maybe you could do art one day a month? Like the first Monday of every month to cheer people up? Because nobody likes Mondays…

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          I like this idea. Paints for the month, or maybe a month of multi-media art, or just express yourself the way you want to that day and post it. Could be interesting or not, but it would be you which would be interesting.

          • I’m leaning that way. I could actually see myself doing sort of an exploration thing, and an experiment of the week, too.

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