Experimenting to Find What Works BETTER For Me

I ordered notebooks and colored pens off the internet, today. The current theory–based on bits and pieces gleaned from comments from writers who know stuff on the internet–is that what I need is a different color of ink for each day (so that I can tell at a glance how much I’ve written) and a more expensive notebook to write it in.  (Because, apparently, my notebooks are supposed to remain intact long enough to need to look back and see how much I’ve written.) (Knock-off Moleskine! Yay!)

This is a part of the writing by hand, and typing as the first round of editing thing.

And it’s a return from the “Type-everything-cause-you-need-to-know-how-to-use-a-computer” that was beaten into me when I was a kid. (See also “worst advice ever.”)

I’m hoping this will result in a more linear first draft, and possibly a cleaner one.  (as usual.)

In other excitement, I’ve been nominated Lord High Plumber for the day, and on to fixing the toilet.

Okay… Yes, I’m probably the most qualified, but still. **grumbles.**



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    Experimentation is part of the creative process. Color coding is an effective method of keeping track of changes. I use it on Scrivener—each scene for a different character.
    Good luck on the plumbing. Maybe you could color code your plungers? 🙂

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    I like the idea of a different color everyday. My problem is how to keep the story linear from day to day. I change my mind and the direction of my story too often.

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      I loved the idea as soon as I stole it! I’ve got this weird tendency to jump from one place to the next, with no sense of how I got there, so I’m definitely trying to be more point-a to point-b.

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    Any time I had to deal with plumbing, I had a rule: if I couldn’t fix it with a plunger, better call a real plumber.

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      I’ll replace the toilet “guts,” and anything that’s in the tank, and a few other small fixes. I wouldn’t do the heavy-lifting end of things (fear of shattered toilet) but it’s electricity that **really** hits my DIY nightmare zone.

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